Solution Scenario: Recruitment Agency

Reseller-hosted cloud deployment

Using a CloudFileSync solution with a reseller-hosted cloud to enable secure, trackable file sharing and compliance with the law.

The Client

The client is a Sydney-based recruitment agency. The business focuses on filling C level executive roles in the advertising, communications and media sectors.

The agency handles a range of sensitive data including:

  • Significant amounts of personal and financial data relating to job seekers
  • Sensitive financial and contractual data
  • Confidential documents relating to corporate clients

The recruitment agency is based in a central city office and has a team of eight staff. A number of the agency’s staff work from home on a part time basis. None of the firm’s staff have significant technical/ IT skills. The agency is using an old Windows SBS 2011 server and has an active data usage of 110 gigabytes (GB) per month. Data usage is growing by 20 GB per month.

The Problem

A senior recruitment consultant who recently left the agency has begun working for a competitor. A short time later it was discovered that existing and new clients of the agency were being contacted by the competitor. In seeking new work, the competitor was significantly undercutting campaign quotes and the recruitment agency’s candidates were being contacted directly with job offers.

It became clear that the recruitment agency needed to investigate if information was being leaked. The recruitment agency hired a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to investigate. The MSP was asked to determine: if data was being leaked; how the data was being shared outside the agency; and who was sharing the data.

The MSP discovered that agency staff had been using their own personal file sharing accounts to share files inside the company and with clients. This practice has been in place for a number of years and, because of the way the files had been shared, current and former staff still had access to company documents stored in their own personal file sharing accounts. This practice had occurred because the company had not provided a solution to staff and because senior staff didn't understand how the free cloud sharing applications worked.

This lack of knowledge meant that free file sharing products had not been seen as a potential risk. As the file sharing had not been set up by management or by IT, no controls were in place to manage or monitor access to company information. Employees had setup folder sharing through personal file sharing accounts to collaborate with those working in the office and those working from home.

The MSP also found that a lack of technical/ IT knowledge of staff meant that there was little or no awareness or oversight of the way company files were being shared and who they were being shared with. This meant that the Agency had lost control over its valuable and sensitive data.

Finally, the MSP informed senior staff at the Agency that due to the way that staff had used personal file sharing accounts to share company information, the Agency had breached Commonwealth Government legislation and regulations including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.

The personal data of agency staff and Australian job seekers had been stored on the servers of a public cloud service located in the United States of America. This had happened without their written permission, which is a breach of the legislation.

The CloudFileSync Solution

The MSP suggested as a secure File Sync and Share solution. Through providing one central location for storing data in the cloud, CloudFileSync would improve productivity and make it easy to access company files and data from any location, using any device.

CloudFileSync also provided additional features including:

  • Job seekers are able to use individual web links to easily upload and share files, including resumes, scanned documents (such as Passports or visas) and copies of degrees and certificates
  • Providing Guest Accounts for clients, giving them access to the folders, documents and candidate data they needed to hire new staff

The CloudFileSync solution was managed by the MSP and the Agency was comfortable knowing the data was secure and hosted by the MSP in a data centre located in Sydney. With the data stored in Australia, the client knew the CloudFileSync solution met privacy, security and compliance requirements.

Below are the full details of the CloudFileSync solution deployed for the Agency:

  • The MSP had installed CloudFileSync on a server located in a data centre in Sydney
  • The CloudFileSync solution was made up of: 8 user licences, 6 guest user accounts, and a portion of the existing 2 terabyte (TB) CloudFileSync Server License.
  • By hosting its data in Sydney, the company became compliant with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles
  • No additional hardware was required and the Windows SBS 2011 server was decommissioned

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