How secure is your critical data?
What steps are you taking to guard against data loss or theft?
Is your data secured in a way that is compliant with legal and regulatory requirements?

These are just some of the key questions you need to ask when choosing a file sync and share solution for your business. While they may be convenient, public cloud services that you or your employees are using may not meet these security benchmarks.

CloudFileSync delivers world-class security, control and visibility over data storage, sharing and access, reducing the risk of data breaches and compliance concerns.

Finally, there is a solution that:

  • Offers 100% ownership, control and visibility of who shares data
  • Delivers the productivity of the cloud with full control and security where you own the server, the devices, the encryption keys and the data
  • Supports staff to access and share files on the go, while protecting your data against the risk of security, compliance and privacy breaches

Privacy & Compliance

Access and share files on the go, on any device, while protecting sensitive data and meeting your regulatory obligations.

  • Files are encrypted so that only the people you authorise can access your files; not system administrators, service providers or cloud companies
  • Store critical data securely on premise on your own server, giving you complete control and visibility over your data and who accesses it
  • Easily set permissions to control who can access can access, read, edit and share your data
  • Share data using secure, password-protected links and activity logging
  • Enable productivity gains that come from accessing information on any device without compromising security, compliance and privacy obligations
  • Ensure compliance with privacy and other regulations to meet HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, FINRA, FERPA and ISO 27001 requirements


CloudFileSync offers bank-grade, end-to-end encryption. Files are encrypted at rest on the server, in transit and on local devices. Only you have the keys to your data, preventing unauthorized access - even to system administrators, IT service providers or cloud companies.
How do we do this?

  • Data is secured at all stages using bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption. By making your files almost theoretically impossible to read without the encryption keys, AES256 gives you peace of mind in case of a data breach.
  • All data synced to workstations and mobile devices is stored in locally encrypted vaults, while each device has its own unique encryption key.
  • If a workplace computer, laptop, tablet or other device is lost or stolen, your data is safe. Data remains encrypted, preventing access until the user logs in with the correct credentials and encryption keys.
  • All files stored on CloudFileSync servers are automatically encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption, ensuring sensitive data is protected when not in use
  • Files are transferred using a hardened SSL/TLS secure tunnel to protect data in transit against all known attacks, including POODLE, Heartbleed, Logjam and SSL downgrade attacks
  • Set and manage your own encryption keys for 100% peace of mind, removing the need to leave the most important security element in the hands of your cloud provider
  • All CloudFileSync servers automatically generate their own set of Diffie-Hellman primes for key exchange upon their first startup, protecting against Logjam attacks

Data Sovereignty

When you upload your data to public cloud services, where is it actually stored? Your data could be on a server in Australia, or it could be hosted offshore. With CloudFileSync you know exactly where your data is - critical when storage of sensitive data needs to comply with local data sovereignty laws and other regulations

  • Store your data exactly where you want it. Sync, share and access files from anywhere, without the need to trust third parties with your files
  • Multi-server and multi-site friendly, deploy multiple servers, mix on premise and cloud storage and access your files from anywhere on any device
  • Mix and match on-premise storage with other solutions. Use on-premise storage for your most sensitive files and leverage low-cost cloud storage for less critical information.
  • Share your files directly from your own on-premise or private cloud storage without ever touching the public cloud. CloudFileSync gives you the tools to share files directly from your own infrastructure without ever needing to trusting third party providers

Full Visibility & Access Control

Through the Management Console, CloudFileSync gives you full control and visibility over who has access to files and the CloudFileSync ecosystem and who shares files.

  • Gain clear visibility of who accessed and shared files, when and who files were shared with and from which devices they were accessed.
  • Detailed user login history enables administrators to see when a user last logged in, their location and from what device. Detect patterns of unusual behaviour to stop potential breaches before they happen.
  • Active Directory and SSO compatible through LDAP. Sync your users and groups from Active Directory and grant user permissions based on your existing corporate structure.
  • Assign user access to drives and root-level folders either directly or using groups
  • Grant administrator access to users in important roles to assist with managing the system
  • Securely share files with external suppliers or contractors through authenticated links, ensuring that only the intended recipients can access your data
  • Easily erase files from desktop clients and cached mobile app data with ‘one click’ remote wipe. Wipe every device a user has used and instantly lock their account to prevent future access or sharing.
  • Use data retention and file versioning to recover deleted or damaged files, or recover lost data from virus or cryptolocker attacks simply and effectively.

Policy-based Authentication

CloudFileSync is built with security and user control at its heart. Through the console you can easily set a range of policies to govern the security of your data. The tools that are available include:

  • Advanced password management options provide additional security and control over user logins.
  • Configure password length and strength, or enforce user lockout for incorrect password attempts.
  • Control how users login to the software by enabling/disabling auto-login on startup.
  • Allow app users to use a pin code in place of a password, or require them to use both.

Download the CloudFileSync Security Architecture Whitepaper

Understand how CloudFileSync offers end-to-end data protection to reduce risks and potential business impacts associated with the use of applications such as personal Dropbox accounts in a company network.

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