Why choose CloudFileSync?

When your company loses control of its information or intellectual property, it could be shared with anyone without your business ever knowing. The risks are significant and real.

You need a secure way to share files

Cloud storage and file sharing apps allow staff to access, sync and share large files with people at work, as well as clients and suppliers from anywhere and on any device. But these third party services could leave businesses exposed to security risks, loss of data ownership and breaches of data privacy and other legal obligations.

That’s why we built CloudFileSync. An affordable, enterprise-grade private cloud solution that lets staff share their files securely, on any device while you maintain data control. CloudFileSync offers a range of deployment options, giving you a flexible approach to protecting your data and empowering your staff to stay productive on the go.

File Sync, Share,
Store & Access

  • Access files securely from ANY desktop or mobile device, from anywhere, without the need for a VPN
  • Native clients available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Familiar user interface and right-click integration with Windows explorer and Mac Finder
  • Automatic version control and data retention for deleted files
  • Browser-based file explorer with multiple file upload via drag-and-drop or browse functions and access to version history and deleted files
  • Share files internally or externally with ease, regardless of file size
  • Shared link access monitoring with advanced security controls
  • Smart file conflict resolution during collaboration
  • Real-time changes automatically synced across all devices


  • Support for Active Directory or any LDAP-based authentication system
  • AES 256-bit encryption on local device, in transit and at rest on the server
  • Assign permission-based user access to drives and root-level folders either directly or using groups
  • Data not visible until logged in with correct user credentials
  • Support for two-factor authentication for all access points, including web browser, desktop client and mobile apps
  • Remote wipe of one or more user devices with automatic account locking
  • Sensitive company data kept completely private in the event of mismanagement, cyber attacks and physical access to storage servers

Policies & Controls

  • Two-factor authentication using One Time Passwords (OTP), with ability to enforce when logging in from untrusted networks
  • Configurable login control for desktop clients and mobile apps
  • Password policies to set password length, strength and account lockout after failed logins
  • Shared link policies to enforce password, set link expiration and number of downloads
  • File versioning and data retention policies for restoration of overwritten and deleted files


  • Group and user management
  • Bulk account creation
  • Active Directory synchronization
  • File filtering and blocking by file type to prevent uploading and synchronization of overly large, potentially malicious files
  • Dashboard view of storage levels for easy management
  • Control read and write permissions for different cloud drives and their folders
  • Create custom versioning and retention policies on a drive-by-drive basis
  • Block, review and audit shared links with third parties
  • Monitor user login activity and instantly revoke unauthorized user access from one or all devices
  • Single-file installable Sync & Share

Storage and Deployment

  • Cloud enablement for your existing hardware with mobile access
  • Create a completely secure on-premise file sync and share solution on your existing Windows server
  • Use an existing file server as private cloud storage and share files without ever touching public cloud
  • Share files directly from your own infrastructure, without trusting your files to third parties for facilitation
  • create a completely secure on-premise file sync and share solution on your existing Windows server
  • Hybrid deployment for unified mobile access to all company files, regardless of server location, without the need for a VPN.
  • Mix and match on-premise with other sources to maximise cost efficicency. Use on-premise for your most secure files and leverage low-cost storage for less secure files.


  • Dashboard view of storage server and drive usage
  • User type summary and breakdown
  • User login activity detailing, IP addresses and software version.
  • Shared link audit reports for all upload and download file and folder links
  • File activity logging to ensure activities align with company regulations

Management Console with Usage Tracking

  • Centralized administrative control over all aspects of your customer accounts
  • Manage system configurations, storage and user license pricing, storage provision and capacity, and billing, all from the one interface
  • Set your own pricing for CloudFileSync user licences and storage deployments.
  • Customers’ monthly usage costs are automatically calculated and invoices generated for the billing period
  • Invoices can be exported in CSV or other formats for importing into preferred accounting software

Custom Branding

  • Add a company logo to the Management Console and system notification emails for brand reinforcement
  • Add a custom subdomain or preferred product to make your product more identifiable with your brand
  • configure SMTP server settings so that system emails are sent from your own mail servers
  • Bespoke branding for mobile apps coming soon

High margins, recurring revenue & no upfront costs

  • Sell a file sync and share solution with profits of up to 300%
  • Offer CloudFileSync without the stress of sales targets
  • Easy to deploy and use, with costs far below competitor offerings
  • No upfront costs, minimum spends or annual contracts
  • 100% NFR for resellers, you only pay for what you sell
  • Recurring revenue grows as your customers grow

Boost your product offering

  • Adds another managed service to your existing portfolio
  • A variety of deployment options – deploy anywhere, including on premise, hosted cloud and hybrid cloud solutions
  • Sell your own multi-tenant storage to new customers, or upsell to your existing customer base
  • Offer an on-premise solution that appeals to a broader, security conscious customer base
  • Help your customers sync and share files without ever touching public cloud, keeping them on the right side of legal and industry compliance and regulations

Grow your business

  • Margins of more than 300% for our on-premise file sync and share solution with 100% margins on our hybrid cloud solution
  • Minimal set up and maintenance, backed by maximum support
  • Ideal for clients in healthcare, legal, finance, mining, infrastructure, construction, engineering and pharmaceutical sectors, or any industry needing a cost-effective and secure file sync and share solution
  • Designed for any business grappling with the challenges of BYOD, unsanctioned cloud services, data sovereignty and security, productivity and collaboration on the go