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Flexible deployment options.
Built for the BYOD era.

Designed to meet your customer’s needs and boost your sales and revenue.

Built to give your customers what they want

An affordable, flexible file sync and share solution focused on security and collaboration.

Built to meet the needs of both you and your customers, CloudFileSync brings together the productivity benefits of the cloud with full ownership and visibility of data complete with end-to-end bank-grade security. Offering a flexible storage solution that is not only quick and easy to deploy, a CloudFileSync deployment requires minimal maintenance and is rapidly scalable giving you the ability to quickly and easily provide additional storage capacity for your customers when they need it, with no interruption to their work.

CloudFileSync Deployment Options

Deployment Phsyical Location Physical Segregation Operational Control
On-premise Private Cloud On-premise Yes Enterprise
Hosted (External) Private Cloud Off-premise Yes MSP/Provider
Private Cloud deployment on Public Cloud infrastructure Off-premise Optional MSP/Provider / Enterprise
MSP/ IT Provider Hosted Cloud Off-premise No MSP/Provider
Marketplace Public Cloud Off-premise No Marketplace Provider
Hybrid Cloud Mix Mix Shared

On-premise Private Cloud

Install CloudFileSync onto your customer’s existing onsite storage to provide them with their own private cloud, secured behind their firewall.

The CloudFileSync on-premise private cloud gives your customers:

  • all the productivity benefits of the cloud with staff able to access and share files on any device, including mobile
  • the ability for staff to securely share documents, sync changes, full version history and control and collaboration through a single, secure solution

On-site private cloud allows companies to full control and oversight of security, privacy and compliance with legal and contractual obligations.

Deploying an on-premise, secure private cloud removes the need for staff to use personal file sharing services.

The CloudFileSync server software is currently available for Windows Server systems, with support for other platforms coming soon.

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Hosted Cloud, Managed Service

Install CloudFileSync’s file sync and share services on top of your existing server hardware.

Hosting and selling storage on your own cloud servers gives your customers:

  • a secure, company controlled cloud file sync and share solution
  • a file sharing tool with central permissions management and central oversight and audit of file sync and share in their organisation
  • a collaboration tool that works on desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet
  • a fully sanctioned cloud solution that removes the need for your clients’ staff to use public cloud services to access and share the information they need to do their jobs
  • CloudFileSync provides your customers with a file sync and share solution that boosts staff productivity while meeting data sovereignty and other compliance requirements

The CloudFileSync Server software is available for Windows server systems. Compatibility with other platforms is coming soon.

CloudFileSync Storage Marketplace

With CloudFileSync you only pay for the storage that you and your customers need.

Using CloudFileSync’s management console you can:

  • purchase the cloud storage you need at the price that works for you
  • select a storage provider that meets data sovereignty and other compliance needs
  • select the storage provider that best suits your business needs

CloudFileSync is fully flexible to meet your needs. As your business grows, and the storage needs of your clients increases, you can rapidly scale this storage to keep up with demand.

Our flexible approach to storage deployment means you can mix and match on premise, private and public cloud storage to meet the affordability, flexibility and data sovereignty needs of your clients.

Hybrid Cloud Model

To be truly flexible and scalable to meet your needs, CloudFileSync offers a unique approach to storage deployment: you can access storage in your on-premise private cloud, the public cloud or through a unique mix of both.

The CloudFileSync hybrid cloud option:

  • is fully compatible with any public cloud service
  • gives you the option to sell your own storage
  • lets you access our storage marketplace to scale up when a customer or reseller needs more storage space

The hybrid model offers a flexible solution for your business customers, providing them with an on-premise private cloud and additional public cloud storage for rapid expansion – with no interruption to service for staff.

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No other solution empowers the reseller so completely. With flexible deployment options, self-hosting capabilities, an intuitive management console and strategic pricing models, we ensure our partners have every advantage to successfully sell and generate high recurring margins.